Zoom issue on touchpad laptop (blender 2.69)


I have recently downloaded and installed blender for the first time on my sony vaio laptop and straight away I have problems with the zoom feature. Since I don’t have a traditional three mouse button, I have a similar type of touchpad to apple MacBook- the whole touchpad is like one button and using two finger gestures I can scroll and use right click functions. So I figured two finger scroll up/down should zoom in/out and so it does, only with a terrible delay.

Whenever I try to zoom in out I have to wait a few seconds until the picture is zoomed in/out. I haven’t created any obejcts yet, I still have the default cube on screen and this zooming issue happens persistently.

I am using the latest blender (2.69) on windows 8.1- if that’s required.

Anyone experienced this before?

What can I do to solve it?