Zoom Style' option in UI (?)

What is the purpose of that ‘Zoom Style’ option in user preferences->Input?

The Tooltips say:

Zoom Style:
Dolly: Zoom in and out based on vertical mouse movement

Scale: Zoom in and out like scaling the view, mouse movements relative to center

Continue: Old style zoom, continues while moving mouse up or down

I cant see any difference at all.

And just below, which are the differences between ‘Invert Zoom Direction’ and ‘Mouse Wheel: Invert Wheel Zoom Direction’?




View manipulation

Orbit Style
Select how Blender works when you rotate the 3D view (by default MMB http://wiki.blender.org/uploads/7/7b/Template-MMB.png). Two styles are available. If you come from Maya or Cinema 4D, you will prefer Turntable.

Zoom Style
Choose your preferred style of zooming in and out with CtrlMMB http://wiki.blender.org/uploads/7/7b/Template-MMB.png

Scale zooming depends on where you first click in the view. To zoom out, hold CtrlMMB http://wiki.blender.org/uploads/7/7b/Template-MMB.png while dragging from the edge of the screen towards the center. To zoom in, hold CtrlMMB http://wiki.blender.org/uploads/7/7b/Template-MMB.pngwhile dragging from the center of the screen towards the edge.

The Continue zooming option allows you to control the speed (and not the value) of zooming by moving away from the initial click-point with CtrlMMB http://wiki.blender.org/uploads/7/7b/Template-MMB.png. Moving up from the initial click-point or to the right will zoom out, moving down or to the left will zoom in. The further away you move, the faster the zoom movement will be. The directions can be altered by the Verticaland Horizontal radio buttons and the Invert Zoom Direction option.

Dolly zooming works similarly to Continue zooming except that zoom speed is constant.

Moving up zooms out and moving down zooms in.

Moving left zooms in and moving right zooms out.

Invert Zoom Direction
Inverts the Zoom direction for Dolly and Continue zooming.
Invert Wheel Zoom Direction
Inverts the direction of the mouse wheel zoom.
NDOF device
Set the sensitivity of a 3D mouse.

Thank you Richard,
when I RMB over the options->Online Manual, it said ‘No references available’, sorry.
So if I understand correctly, it refers only to CTRL+MMB?
In this case, since i’m on OS X (no MMB) it’s nothing I have to care of, right?