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atekdigital: Maiden Flight

Helge : 69°16′S, 158°47′E (Aviation Islands)

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I like the multiple votes, as for images - the only thing I can thing of that works is a thumbnail but that would take up more space and may be confusing.

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Not sure if that’s a bad thing or not. It would provide more reason to click to see the full image IMO

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Yes, having one small thumbnail inside of the poll and the big images underneath would probably be quite confusing.

It is hard to predict what effect any of this would have. Some might be encouraged to click/zoom but others will probably vote based on the thumbnail only.

My favorite way of displaying the entry images would be: “current size with zoom option inside the poll”.

Not sure if that is even possible as the zoom doesn’t seem to work well with polls and getting rid of that space eating “55 voters”-column is probably out of the question, as well.

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I think everyone should give exactly the same number of votes. The interface complained when I set min=max, so let’s see if this works.

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@Millani - The balance shouldn’t be effected by the min < max should it? What If someone only wants to vote for one piece? Your poll seems to work, either way I like the multiple idea.

@Helge - Zoom images in a poll would be nice, doesn’t work though. The code that embeds a poll removes the code needed for lightboxes.

I also tried adding in-page anchor tags to help associate an image with the name in the poll, but the code also removes ID tags - thought I would give it a go :slight_smile:

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The problem becomes evident when you consider likes, where max is unbounded. Some people like almost everything, while others are really picky. This means that, to get more likes, you need to attract the attention of the less picky people, since they cast more “votes” than the pickier ones.

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Thanks for trying. I too, haven’t found a solution yet. But discourse seems to be steadily evolving - let’s see what the future brings.

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Regarding the min/max issue: A few weeks back my first thought was, that, if we would ever change the voting to some kind of multi-punch, we should set a constant number of votes per person (min==max). Which raises the question which is simpler/easier/more convenient for the voters: having only one choice or having to choose e.g. exactly 3 entries. To be honest, I’m not sure about the answer to that question.

But if we would not have any kind of limit and everyone could just choose as many entries as he/she wants, all of a sudden, that wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

However, the main question remains: Would unlimited votes per person hurt the validity and reliability of the results?

Right now, I don’t think it would. It’s like asking: “What countries have you been to?” Everyone could give a different number of answers - and a result like “Most of the people (55%) have been to country 5.” would be perfectly fine.

Maybe I’m missing something, but wouldn’t this method also be fine for asking: “Which are your favorite entries?”

It would be great if we could sort this one out. :slight_smile:

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@Millani - I agree, I think max should be limited.

If we set 3 votes as the maximum but you have to chose at least 1, I think that’s fair. The difference between picky and not picky wouldn’t be noticeable, since the limit is there. Still gives incentive to look through the pieces and consider which to vote for.

@Helge This would then be a middle ground between choosing just 1 and exactly 3.


I don’t mind having only one vote now. It forces me to take a better like at my favorite entries and make a decision based on the subtle details I missed the first time I looked at the image.
When multiple votes will be allowed, I guess most of the time there won’t be a different winner, whether or not there is a maximum to the number of votes or not (as long as you are not allowed to vote multiple times for a single entry). But there is a chance that voting for your second choice candidate leads to the defeat of your favorite candidate. In general multiple votes will tend towards a more moderate outcome, i.e. the winner will stand out less.

(Helge) #13

Sounds reasonable to me. However, I’d still be interested to find out if the number of votes has any effect at all.

Good point. Maybe we should add the hint: “Only vote for entries that you would like to see win.” :wink:

That’s how I see it, too. And, if you ask me, this would be a good thing.

I’ve been thinking about this again - and now I’m not sure if I’m understanding you correctly anymore. :wink:
Can you think of an example where this invalidates the result/becomes a problem?

(Millani) #14

I’ll try. Consider the following scenario:

There are four entries (1,2,3 and 4), and three groups of users (A, B and C). An arrow indicates that a group of user likes an entry. So A likes 1 and 2, and B likes 3 and 4. If all groups are the same size, it seems natural that the result should be that all entries are equally liked.
Now, assume that B wants to cast 2 votes, but A and C only want to cast one vote. Then we can expect the entries 3 and 4 to get 5/3 (sorry for the silly numbers ^^’) as many votes as 1 and 2, a result which wouldn’t make much sense for me.

(I need to be careful not to get too abstract :smiley: )

(Helge) #15

Thanks Millani. I get it now. :slight_smile:

I think, this issue depends on the way people cast their vote(s). Or, to be more precise, it depends on the question they are answering / being asked.

Right now, there are two different questions I can think of:

1.) Which is the BEST entry? (If you cannot decide, pick more than one.)

2.) Which entries do you LIKE? (Multiple answers possible.)

Question1 is what I had in mind when thinking about this. All picked entries are equally good (in the voters opinion). In this case I still don’t see a problem.

The entries of the chosen set from Question2 do not have to be equally good. They are all good but some are better than others (in the voters opinion). This can lead to the problem you described and the one @parclite mentioned. (Thinking about it, if I’m not mistaken, the ‘parclite-issue’ cannot even be solved by a fixed number of votes per voter.)

Does that make any sense? :wink:


Maybe someone could check if the number of likes of a few recent contests matches with the final voting result, but in the end it’s all quite hypothetical. Any voting system will have its issues.
One other thing that came to my mind is that in the current voting system getting no votes is not really an issue, since that is quite common. However, with multiple votes it may become embarrassing to get no votes.

(Millani) #17

Precisely. If min < max, people can interpret things differently, and the meaning of the result of the voting is no longer clear.

I sometimes check this, and the number of likes is obviously strongly related to when you submit your entry, so it does not really say much about how the voting would behave.

That said, my preferences to how the voting should be are as follows:

  1. min = max = 2
  2. min = 1, max = 3
  3. min = 1 = max
  4. min = 1, max = ∞