Zooming: advanced & flexible: Frame (all) Geometry? --wishlist

There’s FRAME ALL, and FRAME SELECTED, ISOLATE, and maybe some others.

An option I’d like to see is FRAME (all) GEOMETRY – this would ignore camera and lights. Or does it already exist?

(BTW: if you select All the Objects in Object Mode, and then hit ISOLATE (numpad-/), B will Hide the Lights and camera (and other items?), which is almost FRAME ALL GEOMETRY, but not quite. otoh, if you forget you’ve Isolated items, it can be EXTREMELY confusing. The only indicator is the small “Local” by the view label – I’d like that to be 'wayyyyYYyyy more conspicuous.)

I don’t know if I understood the meaning of your question …

… but why not put the lights and camera in a separate collection!

In Object Types Visibility popover of 3D View, you can disable all types that are not corresponding to geometry.
Or you can move Camera and Lights to a different collection and hide this collection.

Frame All implicitly means Frame All Visible Objects. If geometry is only kind of visible objects, Frame All operator corresponds to a Frame Geometry.

Because when you hide it their influence disappears.

you could set that collection to be unselectable, then select all and frame selcted.