Zooming and Panning issues on OS X (still)

Sadly I have to post again on the same issue, after some previous posts without any resolutive answer, I was hoping for other threads by other users about the topic, but this doesn’t happened, I can’t figure how I’m the only one having this issue.

After the latest changes of UI (in OS X), all my shortcuts about zooming and panning were lost, I managed to get them back but zoom around mouse pointer doesn’t work anymore, nor panning in the Node editor and other 2d views, nor panning in the Headers.

EDIT: About this I want to quote myself in a previous post (never answered) because the doubt remains: “Though I can’t get the headers to scroll along with the zooming in 2d views, while before they were working both by sweeping;
on the other hand it seems obvious that this must occur, since the two functions seem to share the same command in the preferences.”

My previous configuration was just the default and all was working fine since the beginning, wheel zooming everywhere and panning (with Magic Mouse).

At the moment all latest versions are pretty unusable to me, and I fear the 2.66 will be the same.

I would be grateful to anybody could make clarity about the matter, and whether I have to stay with 2.55 forever or things will be working again soon or later.

Or maybe some gentle fellow would share his working key configuration for OS X.