Zooming and rotating view using a tablet

I have a wacom intuos 5 touch which I have dusted off to start using it with Sculpt Tools UI.

I have set the upper switch on the stylus as a MMB click so now I can rotate the view. I read on another thread that it is possible to set blender up so zooming is possible too.

As for zooming, I’ve also been experimenting at work with a new way of zooming, which I’ve stolen from Fusion, a compositing app I’ve been using lately. Basically, MMB pans/rotates, and MMB+LMB zooms. This works extremely nicely with a tablet since it means you can just hold the MMB switch to rotate, and then press down on the surface to zoom. It lets you have two different operations with just one hand, which is much nicer than having to press Shift or Ctrl, and it feels very gestural. I need to finish up getting this working, I’m just busy :slight_smile:

How do I go about doing this? Or, is there another way?

I would suggest trying emulate 3 button mouse option in user preferences -> input. That allows to press alt+lmb as middle mouse button. For a tablet that means that when you press alt and draw on the surface, you can rotate. Ctrl+alt for zoom and shift+alt for pan.

You want one hand on the keyboard anyway to have access to invert brush (ctrl) and smooth (shift), different brushes and brush options. Might as well have the viewport rotation with that as well. Navigation and tools aren’t that different to handle from painting/image editing programs.

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If I remember, all you have to do is hold the CTRL key while you move the pen up or down to zoom in and out.


You could use Touch on You tablet to Zoom…My is set for 2 fingers…Work fine…No problem to Zoom with the pen in Your hand.


Thanks - I’ve turned on emulate 3 button mouse and I’ll see how that goes. So far so good. :slight_smile: