Zooming in and out, Scroll is Lagging!

When I used to have blender on my Acer Aspire 7741Z, zooming in or out was not an issue, it was nice and smooth. But on my Alienware M18x the scroll is too laggy. Sometimes I scroll and it zooms into the object to much or zooms out to nowhere and the mesh is atom sized lol and its a pain to zoom back into the mesh. I have researched it and tweaked a few of the setting in both User Interface and my Alienware Command Center with little results. The only thing research got me was Ctrl+MMB but that only moves left and right and Shift+MMB goes up and down. Those go smoothly however, its just in and out thats a problem. So, any suggestions?

My input settings right now are:

• Emulate 3 Mouse button checked.
• Select with right.
• Orbit Style Trackball
• Zoom Style Dolly with Vertical selected.
And thats all ik thats relevant to zooming Lol.

Just curious does this happen when its just a single object scene? Like just a cube.

Both single and multiple objects, every model I “try” to zoom into! Heres a vid explaining more in depth:

Update: I plugged in a regular mouse and the zoom in is working fine with that wheel, but i would really rather not use a regular mouse, just my touchpad. Tried uninstalling and re installing driver for synaptics touchpad and still nothing. Im really outta ideas…

Update 2: I found out that pressing cntrl+mmb+moving mouse up and down would zoom in and it works relatively good, nice and smooth. Didnt like the buttons though, so changed it to my liking. Tis a shame i cant get the scroll to work tho but too bad, guess this machines mouse isnt compatible with Blender? Oh well, beggars cant be choosers. Idk how to lock topic so maybe an Admin can.