zooming in is limited to a certain distance.

My second post, and my first question because I don’t seem to find a solution:

I noticed that zooming in is limited. Whether I scroll the mousewheel, use numpad+ or CtrlMMB makes no difference. The closer I zoom in, the slowerthe zooming becomes and then comes to an end. At this end translation and zooming stop functioning, but rotation still works.

When I press Shift C , I go back to normal, but the problem repeats over and over again. I suppose this is some kind of constraint that is activated butI did not click not activate anything.

Probably a beginner’s problem, but I do have to ask how to get out of this.

thanks for your time and help!

Thank you very much. I guess that, being used to ZBrush, the Auto Depth and Zoom to Mouse Position preferences will do it for me.