Zooming into a vertex

I am currently making some railway carriages for the Trainz railway simulator and am cutting out the windows in the carriage side. As these have curved edges I am using the knife function and then linning the cut to the window pane that has beveled edges. To be accurate I am zooming the screen to maximum to line up the vertices.

The problem is that I have to zoom out to pick up the next vertex and then zoom in to make the adjustment but find that I am continually having to pan the screen to keep the vertex in the centre of the screen whilst zooming. Is there a method to keep a selected vertex in the centre of the screen as this would make the job far easier.

Thanks for any help


To zoom to a selected vertex use numpad .

In User Preferences / Interface you can enable the ‘Zoom to Mouse Position’, then position the mouse curser over the vertex you want to zoom in to/out from

Richard gave a solution, but why line up the vertices manually? Just turn on snapping.

Thanks Richard I will try this out.
I cannot use snapping as the carriage side has a 100mm profile and the glass has a 6mm profile. Snapping would pull the carriage sides out of shape.
Thanks for the help


Initially I dismissed this idea BUT if I temporarily increase the glass profile to 100mm and line this up exactly to the carriage profile I should then be able to use the snapping function.

i will try this out tomorrow.