Zoox and Pingy game trailer (Blender and LW)

UPDATE: new homepage for our game:

We finished our low-budged platform game, called “Zoox and Pingy”.
Maybe you remeber my alien character, called Chumpy:

We use this character in this game, but his name now “Zoox”. He is an alien who built a robo-penguin to explore Earth.

So, we have now a trailer with rendered movies and game action!
Rendered movies created in LW.
Parts that created with Blender:
-Zoox model and texturing
-Zoox’s ship and ship interior
-Zoox logo and many 2d sprites in game
-video compositing

So the movie link (new divx needed):

And this is an old demo version (maybe with minor bugs):



Very nice looking game. That must have been an awful lot of work.

Wow, that really looks amazing. I wish you much success with your game. How much will it cost?



Well… Supreem as allways. Great to see blender in a professional finished projects. Respect

Really Awesome!

What about the performance? I don’t know, how you solved it. I thought that you need blender or at least a “player” to play games created with blender.

May blender be carried to every part of the world by your game :slight_smile:

That looks really good endi. Great work overall.

Some of the walkcycles and the whales and fish anims look a little too static and not really fluid, but that is a minor point.

Texturing is phenominal, as usual.


You could have done it all in Blender (it would have taken longer though)
Good stuff, I’m impressed :slight_smile:

It makes me alwayse little sad, when somebody write somewhere that he made or is making game with Blender and most of people automaticaly thinks about GameBlender :frowning:

Blender is graphic tool in first place so when you make game, you can make art and animation in Blender (or another app like it) and then use engine made for example in C++ to run game.

GameBlender is sure great, but games for commercial market need standalone engine, or at least it is most usually way to make commercial games :slight_smile:

Endi- looks great, sounds great and plays great (not on my crappy keyboard though :wink: ) :smiley:

update on #1 post: new homepage link added

Wow - that trailer is impressive.

I was really impressed with the rendered movies between playing sequences. Also thought the graphics during game plan was very good.


:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

WOW!!! Great! I will definitely buy it when it is out!!

wow, this is simply incredible! :o

can’t wait for the game, definietely gonna try and buy it.

Wow, this looks AWESOME! :smiley:
I might buy it also!

Looks great. Keep it up.

When will it be out??? :smiley:

it is out in Hungary and Russia, maybe Poland

we have no publisher in other countries

this homepage is for the publishers… maybe we can get some
do you know any?

You could sell it through the internet…
the game and cutscenes definitly look great!

Only some animation (definitly the orca) looked very static, like bgdm already pointed out. You should try animating it with a latice.

  • Bentagon

oh, please
this was a very low budget game
1 programmer
2 gfx artists
1 musiciant
and 4(!) month!

yo dude is this being soled in shops??? looks pretty awesome.