ZS4 Video Editor

Alot of people around here seem to be interested in (free) video editors.Though I haven’t tried it, I stumbled upon one I don’t think I’ve seen mentioned here(but I’m stupid)…hmm…


Maybe someone will find it useful?

this is a free video editor that has a long history, but it has never become really useful, mainly for the awful interface.

a better solution is wax, from debugmode.com

And so continues my lack of posts that are worth anything… :frowning: Sorry…

actually, zs4 does not have a long history, but an interrupted history. It is more of a compositing program (suitable for effects) than an editing program (story telling etc.).

The makers created the program late in the last millenium in order to create their first music video http://www.thugsatbay.com/tab/?q=berlin and then left the program after minor upgrades as a free download for anybody else unwilling to give big companies lotsa money for the program.

The software was revisited two years ago when [email protected] (the makers) decided to make the software platform independent. zs4 (http://www.zs4.net) now runs on windows, OS X and windows and is an extreme-use compositing program as made evident in the video at http://www.zs4.net/moms-piano-zs4-demo-video which cannot be done with any free software other than zs4.

I should know, i wrote it (with my partner ariana).

Of the free video editors I’ve tried (including Wax) ZS4 was one of the best. The GUI may be unconventional, but not what I’d call ugly, and it’s the only free editor I know of that works under Windows, OSX and Linux.

It’s definitely worth a try.


I like the “weirdness” of ZS4…but I can’t get it to install
When I run the installer it stops at 99%
Then if I launch the bynary in the [email protected] folder, it don’t find the shared libraries …that are
in the same folder??
I have a Debian 3.1…any tips?

We do have a problem with our binaries running on different linux systems. (We build zs4 on a SUSE 10 box.) If the following article does not help, i doubt you’ll be in luck.


sorry for the delay
It works now!! Thanks
The weird thing is that I have tried this alternative solution before??
Anyway, thank you again

if Swei-Stein Video Editor is the father / mother of ZS4 Video Editor, then I can tell you: it’s cool.
I never ever come in this section of the forum… Error on my part.

countinn: thanks. IT takes geniuses like you to make my life easy and affordable :slight_smile:
I have a bunch of CDs burnt with Swei-Stein, and I installed it on all my machines. I have found all the pricey commercial editor to just use the same principle (more or less). So thanks again: it is cool, and at a minimum a very good learning tool. It’s like the gimp: I have used it for over 10 years, and using photoshop is easy once you know gimp… Same here.

I will take a look at it again.


blush, thanx :slight_smile:

nice video! (momspiano). I watch it often and really enjoy the happy mood :slight_smile:

Gee Swei-Stein Video Editor that’s bring back alot of of memory if Zs4 the son or daughter of Swei-Stein Video Editor then I will have a look thanks.

There is a free russian Video Editor(virtualdub) a while back that I really like for it simplicity and titling features. Does anyone know what has happen to it? :-?

i tried to install this awhile ago on XP but the installation didn’t work for some reason ( and i had just uninstalled the previous version ) but anyway, definately get used to the quirky interface because it’s a very powerful and useful tool and can do lots of things with ease once you become accustomed to it.

http://www.virtualdub.org/ (alive and very well!) Not really an editor, per se, but extremely handy to have around.

What about Jahshaka? I heard about it on this forum (somewhere) and I dl’d it, but have yet to do much with it.

I just tried to use it to edit a 100meg video and it never worked. So, I spose the z program is next. I’ll try that thing out.

I tried installing ZS4, but I found it couldn’t play DV footage in real time, so it wasn’t really useful for editing to music unfortunately…

Last time I checked, Wax still had issues with audio, and is more of an after effect type program than editor anyway.

Jashaka looks like it has had big updates lately, so I’ll check that out.

I’m starting to get a bit disheartened when it comes to free video editing that also works on windows. It is either unusable or in general or doesn’t work well for simple editing of video to music.

Right now there’s Windows Movie Maker which is ok but has serious export limitations. There’s Avid Free DV, which I need to look more into, but it seems like it could be a memory hog and interface seems cryptic. There’s blender which seems to have potential. I’ll have to grab the dev builds at some point and see if I can figure out how the new features work. There’s also positron, which I have some hope for, but all the node stuff makes me a bit nervous.

For a project I did a while back (which didn’t involve music), I actually ended up scripting the editing in avisynth. That let me get a really high-quality result, but isn’t exactly the easiest method. :wink:


Also, for anyone on a mac, check out HyperEngine-AV, which recently got open-sourced (and looks to have many features). Maybe it’ll get ported to other platforms some day too…