ZTE Blade

I haven’t done anything good in a while so I decided to model my phone. There are some curves and shapes on the phone that I thought might be a challenge to model but I only had a bit of a problem modeling the camera in the back. Here are some pictures if you haven’t seen one of these phones before:

And my render:

Comments and suggestions appreciated,


never seen the phone (not avail in my country) but from the pic u provided and your render it looks nice
you should render the back of the phone too , and which render did u use cycles bi lux or octane

Here you go, also added the micro usb socket. It’s rendered with Cycles, I’ve come to love the Node-based materials :smiley:


i love nodes 2 but i am still learning cycles
anyways the model looks good from behind
sorry but i cannot find the socket u r talking about
Looks nice xD

p.s thnx to bizla found the socket

the micro usb is at the top of the left side of the phone.

great model here, adding a mesh in the speaker will look good, there really easy to model using the array modifier too.