ZTransp Showing Black, Not Transparency

I’m working on the eye tutorial in “Introducing Character Animation With Blender” on p. 116, and it just won’t work.

I’ve set the Alpha to 0.
I’ve set the shader specularity to 1.1 and the hardness to 275.
I’ve switched on the ZTransp button under the Render Pipeline.

The material previews acceptably, showing only the speculars. Yet, when placed over the inner eye object, the inner eye texture renders out completely black. If I eliminate the outer eye layer and render it, the texture shows up again.


I figured it out finally, after enough non-obvious, creative searching.

The inner object needs to have the “TraShado” button enabled in the “Shaders” panel.

Hope this solution is helpful for someone else in the future.


Glad you found the answer. Welcome to the forums!

Thanks. I’ve been a long time Blender user and lurker here. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to share something interesting here in due time! :RocknRoll: