zuggamasta 2013 Demoreel

or on vimeo.com
I used blender for quite anything you see in this reel :slight_smile:
feel free to ask questions or give me some feedback!

Happy Blending!


COOL, If this doesn’t make the gallery, I don’t know what will! :o

Great demo reel, and it doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I’ve seen in your “365” thread. One tip: when rendering frames for animation, if you don’t use quite enough samples there is a “graininess” that stays in the same place over time (for example at 40 sec you can see it in the instamatic camera aperture setting display). You could animate the render sampling seed value and the video encoding tends to smooth it out without needing a lot more samples. Unless of course that is the look you want, then that’s OK too.

Cool, I’ve been following your everyday renders and I must say: you have a strong will. Keep up the good work!

Thank you hgoel0974,

Thank you for the tip see360, I used this technique later on. (I hoped the compression would kill the static noise, too :wink: )

Thank you Abdullah Al-Dar, I wish I could have such a strong will in every aspect of my life!

I loved the new light of the Headphones so much I did a Wallpaper :slight_smile:

cool demo reel. perhaps it`s a little too short for all the cool stuff you did;-)

Thank you Frequenzlos! I wanted to keep it short and snappy :wink:

But this is one of the works I would loved in my reel, but couldn’t present it that well in the overall composition, as I wanted more animated things:

And thank blenderartists.org you for the feature!

Wow ! , Your work are really superb ! I’m new in the BA World but you guy ! Inspires me ! Thanks for sharing.

really great stuff man!

You should have put the ring instead of the sculpt, it fits better with the rest of your work.

Also I would think of switching some pieces around towards the end maybe put the baseball last. It looks really awesome. Or grid life since thats what you started with in the intro.

Good presentation short and sweet.

Thank you electronicpulse!

Hm, you may be right Astapov. Maybe I roll up a rereel, with new stuff, the ring and a more closed structure! Thank you for your honest critique! This is the stuff that helps!

you should share some tips and tricks, I really loved a lot of your work, and some of them feel very like “in your face cinema 4D”

anyways, i’d love to see some setups and such!,


great demo reel,stuffs are looking beautiful!

Way to go Alex - congratulations!!! Very nice stuff. Thank you for the inspirations :slight_smile: