Zugspitze/Apline shot

Working on a shot of the Zugspitze using the GIS plugin along with some refinement in World Creator.

My trees are super duper low poly that will work from the air, but I’ll need better ones for the close up stuff. I want to do an animation flythough so I’ll just add the high poly ones for areas that are needed. The trees are added using the wonderful Scatter addon from @BD3D.

I used the heatmaps (procedural alpha masks) from World Creator to distribute the main shaders (rocks, grass and snow) but I was sorely disappointed by the lack of detail in them. It may be my lack of understanding in World Creator and I might just have to adjust the scaling somewhere along the way. I had to do a ton of crazy normal combining to get all of that nice detail in the rocks and snow, whereas in World Creator it’s all there, but when I export the normal map and the heatmaps, it’s just a smudge, even at 16k.

I think that from next week I’ll add a camera move and then add some clouds/mist around the peaks and then decide what to do with the trees.

Anyway, feedback is welcome.


Looking forward to seeing your progress on this. Off to a good start!

Scatter and Tissue both have mask creating tools which might help you supplement your imported maps.

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Thanks. I probably won’t get as much time to spend on this this week as I had hoped. That little thing called “work” is getting in the way. As I said, I won’t do much more anyway. Tweak a few maps, put in a camera animation, mist/clouds, and, only if really necessary, some proper trees. Otherwise I’ll just churn it out and move on. I find that I’m learning more and becoming a better artist for simply getting things done. They don’t have to be perfect, but it’s just regurgitation right now that is helping my the most.