Zuiko digital 8mm F3.5 fisheye lens. Final update.

Zuiko digital 8mm F3.5 fisheye.

Modeled with Blender 2.4 in 3 hours, rendered in Maxwell Render beta via Max 7 plug in. 2000x1000 resized to 1000x500, contrast added in PS7.

As usual, click the thumbnails and then the bottom right of image, if you need to resize it.

Final render:-
Clay render showing lens assembly as in situ and exploded view:-



Extreemly well done! I like it alot. Where do I get a Maxwell export script?

Superb model dude.

Render is a bit too grainy for my taste. Especially since I can’t really see the glass of the lense.

The plastic and metal shaders are really nice. Do you have to set them up in Max, or is it done in Maxwell?


You don’t. My workflow is as follows.

I create the model in Blender and export it using vrml. I import the model into 3DSMax 7 where I set up the materials. The Maxwell plugin has a few preset materials diffuse, plastic, metal, emitter and dielectric. Then render from 3DSMax using Maxwell as the render engine.

BGDM, the grain is due to the render stopping at 4hrs, hopefully the one I left running this afternoon, hasn’t stopped. I’ll update it on Sunday night.

Until the next RC is released, all materials are applied in Max using the Maxwell plugin and standard materials. The new material system is completely different, but you can still apply them inside Max & export, or do all material in Maxwell studio.

For glass, water and other transparent objects, you use the dielectric material. For non specular materials you use the diffuse. For any colour map materials, you use the plastic material. Finally the metal materials have only these presets:- gold, silver, cobalt, aluminium. UV roughness on each different material lets you change what would be Blender’s Raymir settings. High U and low V roughness will give a brushed metal look in the horizontal axis.

Check out the new RC5 renders and material features at http://www.maxwellrender.com You can access the forums from there, but you will need to sign up to view them. However you can’t actually post unless you have purchased M~R. My user name there is Tim Ellis. :smiley:


If you post the blend file, I think i could stick it in front of a camera and make a fisheye camera out of it – lots of raytracing – but it’d be worth it :smiley:

Awesome result ! I have seen other of your renders and the quality is really high. Did you tried to reproduce the same result using Yafray and HDRI lighting ? According to you, what does the Maxwellrender provide that Yafray does not ?

This is why I made it originally. I have tried a few renders but they still need some tweaking before I can show them.

No I haven’t tried to do the same with Yafray. I never really got used to working with Yafray and stuck with Blender’s internal renderer for all my past work. Since I saw the results that Maxwell gives, I’ve been hooked and bought it. Yafray might be capable of a similar render, but not with me driving it.

I’ll gladly put up the blend file if anyone wants to try a Yafray render.

It’d certainly be interesting to me to see if the same result can be achieved.

Final update render added to first post, with cutaway and wireframe renders too.



Just a question, I have been wondering, if modelling in blender is actually easier than modelling in 3ds max? I ask, because , not just yourself, but many other users prefer to work that way. Why is it? I mean you spent so much money to buy such high end programs such as you have, but you still prefer to model in blender. That is really an excellent point for the BF team.

Another would be, in future versions of blender, which modelling tools would you like to see improved? curious that’s all!

I myself have not had the opportunity or fianance to use anything else other than blender, but I had been thinking of maybe buying the XSI foundation package just to see which I prefer. I don’t think I will, especially since through your work, I can truely tell Blender will be my only software for 3d work.

I truely admire your talent, as it is very professional, and will inspire others to try and reach their potential.

Keep up the great work.

:smiley: cheers mate.

Blender is just so easy to model with compared to Max. Most Max users will probably say the exact opposite, but I find Blender to be fast and intuitive.

If I had created the same model with Max instead of Blender it would have taken me at least twice as long.

I’ve been using Blender since 2.23 in 2002 and there’s nothing extra I wish for as far as modeling tools go. I can’t even find loop select in Max. %|

Perhaps some of the tools are better, booleans for one, but I don’t really use them much, as I prefer to model objects the ‘hard’ way. :wink:


Congratulations for your work!

I’ll gladly put up the blend file if anyone wants to try a Yafray render.

I want! :smiley:

It’d certainly be interesting to me to see if the same result can be achieved.

Me too!

Thankyou all

Kick ass render mate!
Keep up the good work!

PS. I also shout for .blend!

I totally agree with you sonix.

I work with both Blender and Max and modeling in Blender is way faster!

Nice work, it would be nice to see it rendered with different engines (also a Vray wold be interesting)

Looks great Sonix, hope I can get that good one day :-?

Hey dude,

Thats a really nice render, looks very good. I also like how you didnt skimp out and did model all of the parts, good on ya for that!!! :slight_smile:
I would love to see you do a whole camera, maybe even something cool like a professional film camera, i bet you could get a really nice almost photo real look.

Good work dude, keep it up!!! :slight_smile:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Cheers Matt. I did start making a camera body for it, but realised I had in fact missed many details on the lens. I have sourced some better blueprints for a camera, so will hopefully get round to doing more.

Thanks for the comments mate, :smiley: