Zulu Unit Logo

After much work, I’ve finally finished my logo for my airsoft team. All work was completed in Blender and Gimp. Feel free to rate, and comment on how I can improve! Thank you!


It looks pretty good, golden teeth is a nice detail :slight_smile:
Only thing I might change is what’s visible through the eye and nose holes: as the background is visible there, it kind of makes the skull look more like mask-only, instead of full skull. (Of course that might be your intent). It might be worth a shot to add something behind the skull, similar material perhaps than the skull itself or even bit darker?

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll play around with it and post the result of it. I want to appear as a full skull, but not stick out far.

I think metal/golden skull should look cool. Stars are too simple i think, in army stars looks like this one http://www.starsupreme.co.uk/star1.jpg
and if you want use it as a logo you should make a sign a little bit bigger like here
because your enemys should know who are you from ~10 metres :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help, the new stars look amazing! I also went and added a bump map to most of the object and darkened the colors a bit.

Hey there. Just wanted to say thank you for making this model available.
I have adapted the shading and lighting and materials on the skull, and added in a slogan for a military vet friend of mine who likes saying stuff like this…