Zulubo Productions Studio Intro

My intro. I hope you enjoy!

Total render time was a bit above 10 hours

An expansion on this


Wow I really like it, especially the motion blur. How long did it take you to make?

Maybe 5 or 6 hours total. Not a very complex scene! Glad you like it.

Did you use cycles maybe you could use BI to render faster times? But overall I love the simplicity and smooth animations.

Hmm, I’ve pretty much sworn off blender internal! :wink:

It’s true I could achieve better render times if I used internal, but I really like physically based shading, and think you can’t beat the realistic light bounces, environment lighting, and SSS you get with cycles. For me, render time is not what I focus on. I prefer to get the beautiful shading that cycles gives me, not to mention physically accurate motion blur and depth of field, and haven’t used BI for a long, long time. Not to mention physically accurate motion blur and depth of field.

LOL point taken, but I wouldn’t swear of BI just yet! In fact BI with ambient occlusion is perfect for low poly scenes. And the different between the global illumination you get for cycles is small.

You mentioned SSS but I hope you didn’t use it for this scene :wink:

You have a point with motion blur, it’s not so great in blender internal. Plus if you’re using GPU for cycles it definitely speeds up production. I like how your materials are looking much better.

Definitely not production quality but closing in.

Can I ask a question. I saw your youtube channel you used a 3D VR head cam in your game. How did you set that up with blender? You said you used stereoscopic vision. How, is that released in blender yet?

Is it this?


If so do you have any tutorials my friend :wink:

It’s true, BI AO is okay, but I prefer sticking to real physical lighting without any “cheating.” As I said before, I am not bothered (too much) by render times, so I’ll stick with cycles. Just a personal choice, of course! I’m not saying you can’t do great stuff with BI and faster, but I like the workflow of cycles and nodes.

I did use SSS in this scene. It really breathes some life into the otherwise flat and dead scene. When rendering life, SSS always applies, because cells aren’t made of metal. Here’s a comparison:



About BGE + VR, you would not believe the number of times people have asked me about that. :slight_smile:

You can see on the video that it was from a while ago, more than a year, and multiview did not exist yet. I noticed in the render tab that there were some stereo settings for the game engine. There was no head tracking, barrel distortion, or any of the other things necessary for VR. Multiview, however, is a very cool feature that we can expect to expand into something really neat in the next few blender updates. I have been looking into the alphas and it looks promising (stereo 3D spherical panorama support!)

If you are interested in VR game development, I highly recommend Unity. It is free and has great support for blender workflow.

I totally agree that every real life material has some SSS and this is true for plastic, skin and even metalic shaders. However, with simple diffuse shaders like the one in your scene you could use a diffuse mixed with glossy for a similar effect (perhaps even a colour ramp), the effect is subtle and must be considered when doing animations.

Thanks for the heads up on Unity, but to be honest, I like to stick with blender. Your materials and lighting are getting much better now btw.