Zürich HB Main Hall

I started a new project. i’m trying to create the main hall of the Zurich train station, which i really like. Idk why^^

This is my progress so far:

here’s a reference photo.

it’s just a basic texture yet. using the brick texture from blender. i estimated the dimensions for the walls. ist now about 22 meters high.
now i got a strange problem. the light is somehow shining through the edges after creating the mesh, i separated each part to do an proper uv unwrap and texturing. I thought that maybe now there is a little gap between the objects as result of the separation, but after trying several things like the solidify modifier and letting the edges cross each other, it doesn’t change anything. can someone give me a quick tip for that?

i will keep you updated, and give me a review :slight_smile:

I think it looks great, excellent start. Post an image or two of wireframes and your material nodes. Are you using an array?

thank you. today i went further with the textures.
the progress so far:

at the moment i’m just using a mirror. later i will add an array to create the hall. it’s gonna be 7 of the constructed parts(about 150 meter in real life)

here’s a wireframe

and that’s the node set up for the main material. i have still to tweak the colors and the displacement, but the bricks fit into the scene like that. the other materials are just simple colors right now.

Here’s an example for the glowing corners, which i dont understand. the only light source is a sun lamp in front of the mesh. and there is just a colored diffuse node.

the walls completed. next step for modeling will be the roof and the statues.

To me it looks like this happens on inner corners, were two walls meet at an angle of 90° instead of an out angle with 270°.
Based on the render I would say that there is some reflection from both walls, which adds up and therefore is lighter in the corner. However I cannot see how this could be with you node setup.
Here are some things you can try:

  • Use a different texture than the brick and verify if the effect is still there
  • Merge the walls together and make the corner a seam.

thanks, i tried these things, didn’t work neither. i discovered that there are always bright inner corners when using diffuse materials without structure and a strong light source. it gets better by changing the material and a less strong lighting… it’s kind of logical when you think of the way the bounces work.

merry christmas by the way :slight_smile: