Zuyoka (Latest updates in first post)


Lets start off with the basics, Zuyoka is a puzzle game with maximum emphasis put on graphics (trying to make it simply beautiful)

Zuyoka is mage running through city areas pushing and destroying boxes (isometric styled) basically you have to manipulate the boxes in such a way so you can make it out the level.

================ STATUS ==================
Mage Mesh - Done!
Mage Texture - Almost done (needs more work)
Mage Walk (animation) - Done!
Mage Idle (animation) - Done!
Mage Cast (animation) - Done!
Mage Movement - Done!
Mage Spell (GFX) - Haven’t started yet…
Mage Sounds - Haven’t started yet…

Crate Mesh - Done!
Crate Texture - Done!
Crate Movement (mage push script)- Done!
Crate Sounds - Haven’t started yet…

Level 1 Layout - Working on it.
Level 2 Layout - Haven’t started yet…
Level 3 Layout - Haven’t started yet…
Level 4 Layout - Haven’t started yet…
Level 5 Layout - Haven’t started yet…
Level 6 Layout - Haven’t started yet…
Level 7 Layout - Haven’t started yet…
Level 8 Layout - Haven’t started yet…
Level 9 Layout - Haven’t started yet…
Level 10 Layout - Haven’t started yet…

Lighting - Done!
Environment - Almost done!
Environmental Sounds - Haven’t started yet…

Estimated Progress - 40%
ETA - Spring 2010
ETA of Demo - December 2009

=============== UPDATES ==================

Here’s the latest updates:
10.11.09: Added more boxes! And your mage can freely push the boxes (in fixed directions, left, right, up, down) And they’re all GLSL! Currently with my latest optimized build it runs 40 fps internal =) (still 60+ in blenderplayer)


This project was launched in June of 2009

Looks cool!!

Thanks… have any idea about the reflection issue?

Updated first post with banner.

How did you setup the reflections? Maybe you need a reflection script if you don’t have one? Just guessing, I’m still learning GLSL.

Anyways, it looks nice so far!

Actually I got it fixed (it was my fault)

Thanks =)

The character is now fully rigged with 3 animations; Idle, Walk, and Cast Spell. I’m now working on creating the graphics for the spells (you will throw a vortex at a box to push it ;))

I’m debating weather I should add enemies or not. I’m thinking that I’ll allow the environment (explosives, timed bombs, etc) be the enemy.

Thanks for the replies guys!

New screenshot of progress =)

Notice the awesome reflections made with nodes =)


Are there any good tutorials on using the video texture player? I’m already using it to run the my mirror script with my node setup for reflection mapping, but how would I run an animation on it? Can it play animated GIFs?

Lastly and most importantly, is there a way I can run an alpha channel from a video and include the alpha channel in blender (to have transparent video clips)

This would be much easier than my current setup for particle explosions with my spells. (It would look nicer and run faster than my particle node setup too)

This is my first adventure into a real game with GLSL graphics, I’ve used GLSL before, but only in small tests. This is also my very first test with nodes (in the GE) and the VTP =)

Thanks guys!

OH, one final thing, To make dynamic shadows that cast depending on what angle you are from the light source, I used a spot light with 3d tracking on it, it works. Problem is, when you go far away on the angle closest to the camera the shadow “disconnects” from the player, giving the illusion that he’s floating =/ any way to fix this? I’ve noticed it in other things, I think it might always be disconnected, but my camera angle hides it. Any solutions for it?

Try this one:
Video Texture

It looks nice enough…

Any ideas on the alpha video channel?

New screenshot!

I got the environmental lights done =) I’m using a orange light in the middle (streetlamp) that flickers =) and blueish moonlight. It will look brighter once I add in more streetlamps.

I think the mood is very impressive =)


maybe try animated gifs with an alpha channel? I think animated gifs work in blender… Anyways, I like the mood, I know your going full blown graphics on this, but can you make a video of the logic if you have any?

I’ve seen your other games, and they are very impressive, I don’t doubt you or anything I just want to know.


You mean a gameplay video? I’ll make one shortly, I really wanna finish the spells first. The thing about gifs are they run 8 bit transparency, I need 24 bit. Can blender run png image sequences?

I made a custom blender UI just for this game =)

It’s a UI dedicated to game programming =)


Does anyone know about a very lightweight screen recorder? I’m using iShowU HD and it’s running very slow recording my game (even though my game runs at 60 fps)

I’m using Mac

Is it Zuyoka, or Zukoya? you have it spelled two different ways.

Screen recorders on a mac,iShowU HD, Screenflow, Camtasia or for short vids Jing
I personnally use Screenflow and Jing


Yes .png is what I personally use for animated textures in the BGE. It has an alpha channel, has compression which seems to be similar to the file sizes of .jpg images and has great picture quality (better than .tga)

Wow a lot of replies!

CO: OMG! It’s Zuyoka (pronounced: Zoo - Yo - Ka) I’ll fix it ASAP
Richard: Thanks! I’ll look into it!
AD-Edge: Thanks for the info! I’ll look into that next!

I’ve added a cam in the top (ignore the blue, I’m going to use alpha maps to get rid of that) The problem is, it now runs at 20 fps =(

I’ve optimized it a lot already! I guess I’ll have to start working on gameplay, less on graphics. My map script is running every other frame (to speed it up) Trying to think of what else I can do to speed it up =(

Anyway, new screens!


To use sequences I name files like 1.png, 2.png, 3.png, and so on, right?

You must have your monitor brightness on high, I can’t see much as it’s so dark, I can see some and I know you want it moody, but it’s kind of dark still.

Yeah, I need to add in some ambient light (attempting to write an AAO shader)

Ok! I’ve optimized it as much as I can for now!

I realized I didn’t need a reflective ground (it barely did anything to the average viewer, but I still cried when I deleted it) I also realized I had 2 dynamic flickering lamps (that’s right, there’s no IPOs on the lamps, they dynamically and randomly flicker, and they do so in a way that it makes sense, and makes it realistic) So I deleted one.

Time to work on the game logic!


30 FPS now! (That’s the max I can get in full screen blender, using blender player I get a full 60+ fps)

EDIT: Here’s the shadow issue I mentioned earlier, =(