Zzubnik's sketchbook


Moving from 3DSMax to Blender. This seems a good place to post my progress.

First posted render:

Welcome to BA :slight_smile:
Did you do the dragons yourself? I like them.

Nice picture!!

I liked the materials and the dragons… they are very well modelled… or were they scanned?

The model is known as the ‘Stanford Dragon’, one of a bunch of well known meshes that is widely available online to test various 3D technologies with.

The Buddha model in the back was made by the same university, so no, he didn’t model them.

Thanks, didn’t know that :slight_smile:

Would you mind sharing the materials?

Hi all,

The models are indeed taken from the Stanford 3D scanning repository. This is noted on the image in the top right corner, but I guess it’s not obvious enough! As a new Blender user, I’m still getting used to the interface, lighting, materials, etc. I’m just starting with learning the poly editing tools in Blender.

@Monsaki The scene can be downloaded here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23316655/classics.zip

It is quite large (70+mb) as the scene contains the scanned statue objects.

A bit of practice learning the poly modelling tools in Blender. Made for a one-hour challenge on another forum.

I spent a day recreating Lego models I was given in the 1970’s from the original instructions. I wish I had not lost all the Lego I had as a child.

Trying to get some aged metal effects using the Pointiness attribute.

A bit of coffee-break doodling.

Very nice work!

Thanks Xraygunner!

Playing around with an old Bonsai model.

For a beginner you sure know your materials, and i like your renders !

Thanks Jantim!

A bit of coffee break fun with a Stanford dragon today.

Cool stuff - subscribing :slight_smile:

A bit of fun creating a materials test scene using the Pixar teapot.

A bit of an afternoon Blender doodle, learning to make things to correct scale.