I am a Bachelor of Media, graduated in December 2017 from South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk).

My main interest is 3d character modeling and animation, but enviromental design and general asset creation have always interested me aswell. My skills are fairly flexible and I am a fast learner, and I’m willing to participate in most types of game projects, as one can never have enough experience! Lately 3D printing has become a big interest for me aswell, and I do own a 3D printer which I can use to print out PLA parts if needed.

I’m a motivated worker who rarely gives up when facing an obstacle. I love working on team projects, and don’t have issues when given feedback about my work. I always aim high and want to improve whenever and wherever I can to have a larger area of expertise.

I started of by learning 3ds Max for around 6 years, but lately I have been successfully working with Blender for commercial purposes. Other notable software I have knowledge of are Adobe Photoshop, Substance Designer, Substance Painter and Unreal Engine.

I have basic knowledge about HTML5, CSS, Java, C++ and C#, and a fairly long history as a Doom (the old one) modder. Various Doom mods have made me understand basic coding a lot better as the coding language used in the mods, ACS, is based on C# language. My past projects in Unity also helped me with learning C# coding a lot, but these days I prefer to focus on the artistic side, and design things in Unreal Engine while using the blueprint system built in to replace traditional coding.