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Thread: Short-Movie Sisike und Makoto finished

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    Short-Movie Sisike und Makoto finished

    Hi Blenderheads,
    one month ago, i finished my education to media-designer audio and video with my short-movie "Sisike und Makoto".
    I am working with Blender since one year now.

    I postet the Movie on, here is the Link:
    Sisike und Makoto

    I hope you all like it!

    Greetings, Busty
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    omg that was amazing....that is all i have to say and how long did that take you?

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    very nice! although i wasnt very fond of the color if the skin. but thats all i have for a critique.
    good job.
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    Very nice work!
    The animation could have used a little work.
    But overall, very good.

    (I'll have to start a website soon to post all animation done in blender.)

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    Yes, I liked it as well, it was nice to watch. =)

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    Thats a very good work.
    How did you get the magnifier effect in the glasses?
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    thank you for your requests!

    i am really sorry Jakeshuffle, but i cannot say how long i worked at this movie, but the most time i did spend in sisike, her rig and her facial expressions. It was the first time i animated a character with face-controllers and the possibilities in Blender to do this are impressive!

    Calvin youre absolutely right! There is much to learn in animation. Next time i will focus more on the techniques of keith lango, i hope you all know him, if not, dont miss this link!!:

    and yes, superkoop, the skin is to much like wax. maybe i will use subsurface scattering next time

    the glasses have a normal phong material with full raytransparency and the refraction index of glass (i think something around 1,5 is right...)
    more informations about refractions here:


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    This was amazing. The thing that was missing was some talking. Other than that it was great.
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    That was very pleasant to watch

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    well, I didn't really miss the talking, I really liked it, there was one part where it looked like the walk slipped, but the short is truly amazing, great expression in Sisike, she really shows her emotions well. Great work.

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    yo, i really loved it. it was funny, and without any words it showed emotion and told a story. very impressive!

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    thank you for your nice words!
    yes bgstratt, in this one scene where sisike walked to the telescope, her feet slip heavy over the floor (because of this i dont wanted to show her feet in this scene! ). I didnt make any use of stride bones, or the walk cycle system, i was running out of time.
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    I enjoyed it very much! Excellent textures and modeling! The character animation could use a bit of work...but overall I think it deserves 5 stars! Which is what I gave it!

    Website/Demo Reel:

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    Wow! Thank you a lot!

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    This was absolutely incredible! Great animation, and the set was wonderfully detailed!
    Everything was done to a pretty high standard, so 5 stars easily!

    Keep up the awesome work!
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    that was amazing 5 stars
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    Originally Posted by bgstratt View Post
    well, I didn't really miss the talking, I really liked it, there was one part where it looked like the walk slipped, but the short is truly amazing, great expression in Sisike, she really shows her emotions well. Great work.
    Exactly my conclusion, great facial expression, the walk looked slippery to me too, but overall really good work!
    It definitely would deserve a better video quality...

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    Well done! 5 stars
    Blender 2.5 is the greatest tool ever!

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    i thank you all a lot for your replys and your great votings!

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    Moved to the gallery.

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