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    Basic Maritime Coastal and River Simulations

    As there isn't a forum for Maritime Simulations, which of course can never be finished, so I will post on this thread.
    This is just an introduction to the simulation routes They can never be finished as there will always be something to add or alter. Also with the limitations of Blender they are described as basic.

    If the ISP completes the domain details again, some routes will pobabaly be available for download.
    Era will be approx. age of sail up to approx. 1815. If any questions I will try and help...if I can.
    The details of the routes I will put on this thread probablly as a one or two line description.
    The emphasis is on the past ages and bygone times and not just Blender, descriptive details written around the Blender content, together with the method used in making the 'basic' routes will be on my site..if/when available.
    Also if I restart the site as I have little interest in drivable or scenarios any ship movenents will be AI.

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    updated post...still continuing trying to sort out Internet Service Provider.
    If finally sorted maritime simulations will be basic and not a sailing simulator a such.
    So far dozen 25 km size routes made starting from Solway Firth and beginning on the Welsh coastline on the other side of the Dee.I think this time as far as Barmouth is enough so another 8. They will start off as version 1.
    Descriptve detials will be included as my interests are the past ages and bygone time up to approx 1815 and not just Blender...when the age of the paddle steamers begins.
    If sorted I will start to make some available for downloaded. There will be no point in critique as the version updates will be ongoing and simulations of this sort are never finished as nothing to finish...but as before relevant discussion welcome.

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