1 Month Progress - How can I improve :D

Hi All,

Its been a month now that I have been using Blender, before starting I never had any experience with visualization nor modelling assets as I primarily use Revit & Enscape for all my work. This is my progress so far, any tips, tricks, critiques are welcome. Thanks

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Exceptional for one month. The scene is really coming along. Keep going! More grunge and imperfections, less sharp perfect 90 degree angles. More curves, bumps, lumps. The glasses are not looking right… Great stuff!!

The glasses use the 0 roughness - 1 Transmission method which I think is not great, still experimenting to get an idea of how that works. Not really sure how to use grunge textures, I am guessing they would be used with a roughness map or maybe a voronoi texture + color ramp?


There’s a lot of ways, you can use a mixrgb node in overlay mode for color, you might plug the grunge into a greyscale colorramp and plug that into a rougness or spec socket. or use on dirty surface like concrete for extra weird bump. experiement. and just a little bit, especially in this modern setting. YOu just keep looking at it, and saying, hmm what looks a little weird, and make a list of like 5 things, work on them, re-render…

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