1 noob question, one intermediate question

  1. what is the button that toggles between [rotate camera around selected] and [rotate camera around cursor]

  2. is there a way to freeze specific vertexes in place while using W>smooth? (even if you are smoothing vertexes all the way around it) I tried hiding the ones I want to freeze, and then smoothing, but they still get manipulated, even when hidden.

Relative to question 1): It in the User Preferences panel in the View & Controls subpanel. Under View Rotation, click Around Selection.

Relative to question 2) the only way I know is to set up vertex groups and smooth only the group you want. Maybe a more knowledgeable person knows a simpler way.

If you deselect the verts that you don’t want to smooth they will not be affected by the feature.

Smooth only affects the vertices that are selected, unselected verts will not move. However, the selected verts are connected to those fixed in place verts by edges and faces, which will deform as one or more of their verts are repositioned by the smooth tool.

Hiding the verts should have worked, too. Can you post a screen shot of the problem?

@ Orinoco…

I can’t recreate the problem. So I guess it’s fixed :slight_smile: