1 or 2 point polygon? Help exporting to 3dsMax (.obj)!

Hi there. I get the following issue when importing a file I made in Blender to 3dsMax: “Error in file: meshName = shapeName”. I checked out the Autodesk knowledge page on the subject which suggests either opening the obj with a text editor and removing lines starting with “l” (character L) or removing “1 or 2 point polygons”. I tried the former and nothing starts with l, and I’m not sure what “1 or 2 point polygon” means. My best guess is single vertexes or edges, but I don’t know for fact. If that’s the case, any tips for finding them? Looking vertex by vertex is very long and hasn’t worked so far. I’m leaving the original file for reference or if anyone’s willing to help fix it.


PCCBrokenFloor.blend (711 KB)

You can see where the stray geometry is in each of these three meshes by:

  • selecting the mesh
  • entering edit mode
  • clicking on edge select
  • Select -> Select All By Trait -> Loose Geometry

Or just remove the stray geometry without checking:

  • select the mesh
  • enter edit mode
  • select all
  • Mesh -> Clean up -> Delete Loose


$ grep -n -e "^o " -e "^l " PCCBrokenFloor.obj

4:o Pokemon_Center.002_Plane.001
990:l 256 272
991:o Pokemon_Center.001_Plane.000
7590:l 2644 1401
7591:l 1401 2658
7592:l 2658 1959
7593:l 1959 2963
7594:o Pokemon_Center_Plane.008
9194:l 3217 3227
9195:l 3218 3227
9196:l 3222 3226
9197:l 3226 3221
9198:l 3226 3227
9199:l 3213 3226
9200:l 3215 3226
9201:l 3212 3226
9202:l 3214 3227


$ grep -n -e "^o " -e "^l " PCCBrokenFloor.obj

4:o Pokemon_Center.002_Plane.001
990:o Pokemon_Center.001_Plane.000
7586:o Pokemon_Center_Plane.008