1 Rotating with fixed axes - 2 Pulling into curve

2 questions:

  1. how can i rotate a plane on the Y axis while mantaining the position on the X & Z axis?


this is how it looks on the X & Z axis and i dont want them to change

after i rotate 45° on the Y axis it looks like this

  1. how can i pull vertex loops?


i have this circle with multiple loops like this one

so i just move the midle one back on the X axis and i want the other ones to follow but get a clean gradial curve

In the first pic, it looks like you did exactly what you’re trying to figure out how to do. That model’s been rotated on the Y axis only.

For your second question, press O on the keyboard to enable selection falloff.

thanks for 2, but on 1 i want the angle but without it changing on the X and Z axis. so at the end the line should be on the same hight but ive looked at from the side in another angle, so it wont chrink on the z axis