1 Second = x Animation Frames?

Simply put, I want to know how many animation frames (the sorta frames in the Animation Editor) equal to a real life second. I want to create a short, voiced vid, and I need to get my animation to lip-sync with the prerecorded audio. The links in the sticky thread on lip syncing appear to be dead.

Edit: Its 25, isn’t it? Well, I guess that’s resolved then. Any lip-syncing tips are still welcome, though.

real life has not frames!

anyway 30fps would be nice :slight_smile: for cinema the frames are 24 for second

Aetheus: It’s whatever you enter into the fps field in the render panel.
fps = frames per second.

It’s dictated by the format for which you are creating your animation.
PAL video is 25 fps.

If you want advice on lip syncing I suggest you start a new thread with that in the subject line. That way others that come after you can find it more easily.

Thanks a bunch fro the help, folks. I reckon I’ll read a few of the excellent tutorials on lip syncing that are around the web, should I run into any obstacles. Otherwise, my main problem is resolved and this thread can be locked.