$1 to help me attend college. Your my last hope

The Story

Hi my name is paolo. we are poor and cant afford college. Thank God a university let me attend classes (BSIT Bachelor of Science in Information Technology) for free and pay after I finish and finally get a job. But they will of course not be covering any other expenses than that. I’m hoping to aggregate $800 to add to the money I’ve saved for a 2nd hand computer and to be able to pay for an internet service provider. I cant submit myself without these mediums. every bit helps! I owe you everything! just please let me attend college. Please.

HERE IS THE >>LINK<< to indiegogo everybit helps

Hey Divine123!

The link to indiegogo says The page you are looking for is no longer available or has been moved.

I cant know if you are telling the truth but if you are that is one really sad story. It hurts me to see a capable and willing young person strive for knowledge and better future and has this kind of financial troubles.

If you start indiegogo i ll be sure to help you acchieve your goal.

Take care mate.