10,000 lines of code later.


100% scripted except Materials.


I dont see a picture =(

Wow very nice! I didn’t know you could do all that with python, great work!

WOW!!! THIS IS ALL DONE WITH PYTHON?! wow you must know alot about python then…Great job!

All this is python wow! Mind teaching me making a small tut(like just part of the scene)?

That’s cool to know it’s pure python. The result is a bit dizzying though… a lot going on, not much composition.

It’s not just cool, it’s awesome! This would take a while to model, let alone code! And, it does have a lot going on, but I get the feeling it’s supposed to represent what python can do, so it’s supposed to have a lot in it. I really like it.

Lilgrudgeboy, thanks.
DudeBot13, thanks.
alienkid10, I can point you to the script for each object.
let me know what you are interested in.
paroneayea, more a tech demo to show off the variety of object scripts.
Yippee, thanks, you are right, it is just a tech demo of sorts.
After testing loads of scripts, I needed a break, so I put them to some use.
thanks again.

Umm, visually speaking, I’m not sure what it is, but as a programming exercise it is obviously a tour de force, and therefore certainly deserving of a HOWTO … and a fast-track to the appropriate section(s) of the Blender on-line manual…

that is great meta-androcto!

you should make generative modelling in blender

hi sundialsvc4,
there are over 30 scripts used in this image.
All the scripts -2 are available in the Wiki Scripts Catalog.
(the -2 will be there soon.)
I will be taking individual sections of the image & contextually re-rendering them out for the Catalog &
soon to be new pages at BO & the Wiki.
I will be taking the “Good” elements out of this scene & making smaller scenes.
A quick run down on the big scene:
Bottom Right, Island Scene: Ant Landscape, Gen3 Trees, Docimal Vaults, Head Creator, Make Human.
Top Right, City Scene: Cityscape, City Block Generator, Torus Knot.
Background: Astro: (real planetarium data) Nebular Generator, Alan’s Cloud Generator, Terragen Import.
Middle: Spiral Stairway, Spirals, Hang Curve, PDB Import, (yes that’s real DNA.), Wall_beta & Auto Masonry. Also used for the left "ruins.
Left Side, Auto Masonry, Treegen beta, Pyramid, Ladder.
Various other AddMesh scripts & the Geodesic Domes Scripts are also used.