10 Cubes Challenge 2022 Day #8 - Croissant

I may have stretched the rules a tad with the texturing, but it wasn’t too complex. Love the idea, sorry that I didn’t find it before it ended, cheers to anyone looking in this inactive sub


Looks great :slight_smile: rumor is there will be another challenge later this year, keep your eyes peeled :wink:


These 10 cube challenges are to 3D art what gesture and contour drawing are to traditional 2D art. Honestly, we should do them three times a year.


I don’t have that many ideas to create cube renders 3 times a year :smiley:


Neither do I, but that’s what makes it a challenge!

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I’m not even sure I could think of that many prompts, haha.

It is a good exercise that could be integrated into a lot of conceptual workflows.

If you start your scene with a 10 cube blockout, you’ve got a good start to making a visually compelling image.

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