10 Daily Renders

This is my first time posting here, so hi everyone :D:D

Inspired by Beeple, I decided to do render everyday for 10 days in last December. So yeah, old stuff. Some of them are downright crap because I failed to come up with interesting idea. And is it me or it’s rather difficult to model/create abstract render using Blender? Anyway here’s the renders:

[Day 1]

[Day 2]

[Day 3]

[Day 4]

[Day 5]

[Day 6]

[Day 7]

[Day 8]

[Day 9]

[Day 10]

And that’s all, I hope anyone who view this thread enjoy them as much as I do while working on them!

“Pyramidism” If this isn’t an art style, it has to become one!

Those are very beautifull abstract renders.
I refuse to see any crap ones :slight_smile:

I love your artistic style ! Good job ! :smiley:

Eh never thought I’d receive any comments :eek:

Haha if it was a legit art style, it would be emphasised on the use of flat/candy colours and straight lines

And thanks a lot of the kind words guys, flattered!

Great job!!

Day 6… aww man, that atmosphere…simple yet mysterious and interesting

Day 6 was a good day! :yes:

Also was day 10…

If you don’t mind me asking, is there a trick to making the sphere in day 9? Or did you just do it manually?

My favorite is the day 1 planet. I love the space ship!