10 day marathon semi realistic anime style head modelling

Hello people!

I`m going to model anime faces for 10 days and will post my results everyday in this thread. Hopefully someone could give me tips on how to improve it.

This is for the oculus so I am aiming to make a face that:

  1. Does not enter uncanny valley.
  2. Have somewhat realistic proportions yet give off an anime vibe.

These images are what I think are the easiest to translate to 3d and will be using as references for the overall art look. It is probably impossible for me to get to the level I want to be in 10 days but at least I`ll get some practice.

I doubt it would be useful at all but if anyone want the blend files I`ll gladly give it away.

Spent around 6 hours thus far. What a disaster. I made quite a bit of mistakes here.

Mistake #1: Eye sockets wrongly proportioned especially around the cornea area.
Mistake #2: Mouth too big. It is somewhat realistic??? but that was not the aim.
Mistake #3: I traced the head shape off an image and it turned out pretty bad. The head is shaped not like an almond but like a strawberry.
Something is very wrong with the eyes and I have no idea what that is.
Also, the texturing is pretty badly done. After taking an hour or so to paint what I think is complete garbage, I have a new found respect for 2d artists.

Will try to correct everything on the second head tomorrow.