10 days Czech Game Engine contest - Maze/Labyrinth - 4 Games

Hi all.

This is result of 10 days contest at http://blender3d.cz

4 finished projects:

blend from user Beru_Ska:

http://milikiller.ic.cz/external/soutez/ber1.png http://milikiller.ic.cz/external/soutez/ber2.png

blend from user Darkrodney:

http://milikiller.ic.cz/external/soutez/rodney1.jpg http://milikiller.ic.cz/external/soutez/rodney2.jpg

blend from user Milikiller:

http://milikiller.ic.cz/external/soutez/mili1.png http://milikiller.ic.cz/external/soutez/mili2.png

blend from user Zgerbiak:

http://milikiller.ic.cz/external/soutez/zger1.jpg http://milikiller.ic.cz/external/soutez/zger2.jpg

Nice games, hehehe congratulations

Nice one! Seems pretty hard to me! I don’t like games of this type!

It’s probably bcause im czech myself that i found these incredibly fun and easy.
Milikiller’s work had a great feel and kept me entertained throughout the demo. I think that if he were to
add a few things that game’s ready to sell! :smiley:

This is some great stuff lads! :slight_smile:

wow, these are very good games
logic dice is my fav

nice images.
good luck.