$100.00 pc ? Run blender?

I’m just going to model n uvmap.for now.
Would a dirt cheap pc work with blender for modeling n mapping ?
I’ve never had to worry about specs before this is new to me so I need educated about specs.

You probably could run Blender, but it would be quite slow. For simple one-off modelling and texturing (low poly count), you might be able to get away with it.

Do you know what your PC specs are? Graphics card, CPU, ram, those kind of things? These things are what Blender’s speed would rely heavily on.

You can also take a look at the recommended specs for Blender, on the blender.org website: https://www.blender.org/download/requirements/

I currently don’t have a pc or much money .
I could get a cheep pc but I don’t know if a cheep pc would work. thought maybe you all would know.

Performance isn’t directly correlated with price i.e. you could get a second hand box for $100 which outperforms a multi-thousand dollar space heater. So actual hardware specs are kinda necessary for a good evaluation.

For the price this would not be a bad system i guess, but the real issue with OEM systems of this kind is that they might not work with third party dedicated graphics cards so upgrading them can be a pain.

The specific system linked above would likely have some issues with blender 2.80 because of the intel integrated graphics. Also the seller has no ratings from previous sells, but at least it’s not an account filled with purchased bot ratings.

Looks good .a lot of used n refernisheb pc don’t say if it runs open gl3.how can you tell if a pc will run opengl 3 ?

I’ll just leave this here for completeness: While searching for a small PC for little experiments in BGE, I stumbled upon this thingy:

It’s a full WIn10 PC with integrated Intel Graphics. It runs Blender 2.79b (including the BGE) without problems and is the lowest end device I have ever ran Blender on, but never pushed the limits in terms of model/scene complexity, obviously it won’t catch up with a dedicated workstation. What I liked about it, was that it has a battery (runs 2+ hours).

However, I see two reasons not to go with this solution for @RorrKonn:

  1. They stopped producing it - googling “Kangaroo PC” today only ends in 404s
  2. You can get a used, better machine for the same money.

If there are vendors offering refurbished PCs from companies in your country, you may be lucky and grab a decent one for little money.

I highly suggest building your own, from second hand parts. That will be the best bang for buck.

Yes and no, generally speaking people will still try to eek out every last penny they can, while some companies will sell their old office machines of comparable hw way cheaper, especially for hw from companies that might have closed down/gone bankrupt.

So used market yes, but at such a tight budget I’d not go after individual parts one at a time. With a few exceptions to be fair though. A dedicated GPU will likely need to be gotten separately.

In general terms without testing you can’t. Many GPU vendors might claim say for an example GL3.3 support without having implemented the spec fully in their drivers. Though generally AMD and nVidia’s dedicated cards of only a generation or 3 old should be more than well enough supported still.