%100 flat surface renders completely destorted

Not sure where to post this but I think it may be a modeling problem? Not sure. The walls are completely smooth but in render they are blown out and out of alignment BADLY. They are not keyframed and this goes way beyond smoothing in object mode. Please help any suggestion welcome, thank you.


Maybe there’s an extra object visible only in render mode? Without a .blend to check is not easy to know where can be the problem.

Or it’s a (Displacement) modifier that’s set to be visible in the render, but not in the viewport?
Indeed, upload a simplified .blend file to any file hoster of your choice, so that we can have a look!

You should post a .blend file next time, make our volunteer job much easier. The only thing I could think off besides what mik1190 mentioned is that you have a modifier that you have turned of for display mode but not for render mode, and that modifier is causing the distortion for some reason. The icon for render mode would be the camera thingy.

it seems to me like the camera is actually rotated… could we see the blend file?