[$100] Widowmaker IK and facial rigging

(Proof fo concept)

Hello, Im looking for a rigger who are comfortable with IK and facial rigging for a Overwatch Halloween project. I have the model and Blizzard is supporting me on this project as it will be shared on their social accounts. Blizzard also states that their models is aviable for use in “personal creativitiy” so you dont need to worry about the copyrights. Heres what I need:

*A rigg for the Widowmaker model that have:

*Facial controls
*Controls for the rigg in general for easy animating

The rigger:

*Responsive and aviable for work
*Experienced with control riggs and facial rigging
*Experienced with Blender. Can use every preferable version, but 2.79 or 2.8 (as I prefer) is appreciated

Halloween 2019, October 31.
I can give storyboard and details about the project in PM. Im also on Facebook so just contact me there.

Payment will be done via PayPal.


Hi Asmund you needed only rigger or animator too ?? follow my reels and my contact

Email: [email protected]
Skype: edgard.caliman
Site: http://www.edgardcaliman.com.br

Hello all, I have found a rigger for this project and thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

This thread can be closed.

does blizzard know that you work with artists than you break the contract saying 'oh stop i fegured out how to do it myself"?? do they?