109th skull head mother ship! (update #2)

(Ecks) #1

Hi all,

Yesterday night, I made a dream. In my fream there was a big ship with a pic of a skull in fire on it. At the beginning the ship goes in light speed and arrive in fornt of a planet. After that some ennemy ship arrive and begin to launch some sort of bomber so the mothership launch some interceptor…etc etc…(I know…This is crazy for a dream, I always think about 3d…even when I sleep :wink: ) so I decide to model the ships I remember…I start by the big mother ship so here is some wip (really wip, I have to make the back part with engine and some other thing like turret etc… and I have to add alot of detail to the part that I already make)
Here is three pic of it:

Now I know from where the skull head come…it is a freespace2 squad insigna:

If you have any shuggestion on how to improved some part let me know. I want suggestion and comment on this one! TX

(Alltaken) #2

does that blue thingy spin around

looks good sounds like a good idea

is this skull going to be painted to the ship or is a whopping great skull going to be attached to the front of the ship

the animation will be cool

i like space animations especially ones with planets in them
cause i just finished one myself if you want any inspiration.

dont think you need much inspiration with all these dreams you have

looking foward to seeing your dream

(blengine) #3

nice job, great concept so far… kind of makes me think of a gun though, add a starfield so that feeling goes away =D

(Ecks) #4

Wow this anim is cool altaken…your ship design are very cool! nice job! and yea this blue thing will spin and the skull will be paint on the model. I will continu it today and post it tonigh.

kind of makes me think of a gun though

How did you get that idea? :-?

Tx for the comment!

(Ecks) #5

OK here is a slight update: I have finish the ‘shape’ of the model. Now I will add detail…alot of detail…Btw, I dont like the red thing I putted (I make them red so you see what I am talking about…the colors will not be there when I will texture it…) so don’t tell me they are weird or something like this, I will remake them later. I have to fix other thing like the skull head insigna. I would like to know if you like the update or if you have any odea on how to improved it! Thank you alot!


I hope you like it! (btw, I added a star field so imgranpaboy will no longer think that this is a gun…) :wink:

(Alltaken) #6

cool keep up the modeling i know how long it takes

maybe add a few lights so we can see some of the detail better.

have you seen red dwarf
i kind of think of the intro scene to that when looking at your ship.
if youve seen it you will understand the random detailings that they added to the side of the ship. i think yours would look cool with a real messed up look. and all dirty.

kind of like the difference between an old truck and a jaguar.
but if you go for the sleek speedy look that would look good as well

maybe i’m just thinking of dirty stuff because the lighting is low.

looking forward to the animations.

P.S. when you post them post them in xvid cause its so good worked better for me than anything else and i tried a lot of others.

see ya

(sofort99) #7

That looks amazing! :o

(Though suspiciously like a dual banded mini speargun I used to hunt with…so thats where it went! :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Ecks) #8

Update #2

OK here is a small update:
Here you can see the primary turret. Those turret can rotate on 2 axis (up/down and left/right). Some fire heavy laser (against other cruiser/frigate) and the other fire pulse laser (against the fighter/bomber).

Here you can see the secondary laser turrets. The fire only in one direction. Those are very good when you fight against a ship that is close to you. (oh and the weird blue thing at the bottom of the pic will be a force field that lead to a hangar bay…)

Here you can see my try at making boost…and as you see it didn’t work…

Tx alot…I really appreciate comment like that :smiley:
no sorry I didn’T saw red dwarf…What is it?

Yea I know about divx…I only made one video in my life that look good (you can check it at http://xwarriorblender.tripod.com in the download section) and I encoded it with divx!

(Though suspiciously like a dual banded mini speargun I used to hunt with…so thats where it went! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Spear gun? lol but tx anyway! :smiley:

(Alltaken) #9

some feedback on your design and some constructive criticisim.

the over all ship looks a bit blocky. if you are going to put textures on it like face textures then thats not really a problem but for rendering blockness always seem to look to computer graphicy. if you try smoothing some of the faces using the set smooth button in edit options for the meshes then it might look a bit more belivable. I noticed it mainly on the gun turets they were made up of shape edges rather than a smooth round barrel that i would expect.

i like the force field on the hanger -suggestion- if the force field was sunk back like in a doorway, and a ring of halos was positioned around the edge of it then it would look really good like some kind of energy is actually being used to make it.

there are two ways of making the boosters on the back look real cool.
one-- put two half spheres of halos coming out of the back of the engine one smaller than the other and of a different colour perhaps white in the middle and blue around it.

or two–resize a single or a few halos so that they are larger also bump up the alpha and brightness of them if only using a few.

i prefer to use multiple halos but depening on the speed of your computer you may choose less.

and to answer your question Red Drawf is a sci fi comedy set in a huge mining ship called red dwarf where they get lost in space and everyone dies except one guy a cat a hologram the ship computer and they find an andriod on the way. very funny.

a picture of it if you want

hope i gave you some ideas

(S68) #10

I would definitely set smooth/autosmooth those cannons


(Ecks) #11

As I said this is just the beginning…I don’t want the ship to look too much organic…I want one that look more industrial (like the red drawf pic) So I will add more and more detail. Yea I will smooth those turrets and the idea about the force field is great so I will make it :smiley: …this was just a really fast update just for fun…I will continue it and post another update this weekend! Thanks for the comment!