11 Second Club June entry

Hi everyone. This is my 11 Second Club entry for June. I got 2nd place.


Wow nice work, animation is still my arch or should that be arc enemy number 1 :smiley:

This is really great work, when can we see the next one : )

Really good animation! I especially like the slight swallow Sintel does mid-speech, which you work successfully from the audio. Very nice attention to detail not everyone would make.

btw, what are your thoughts on Vincent? I find it a bit tricky trying to get his phonemes right and they flow a tiny bit funny, no? I think I’m feeling this because of his (bigger than normal) jaw - it’s almost like he could/should possibly be wearing braces?

Really like sintel - again, great work!

Thanks guys.
@jim trim; Vincent is very detailed rig. Some controls are very handy for animator. But I was more comfortable with Sintel (which is very limited rig.) I used Vincent’s shelf panel just for IK/FK change. But I did not see that keys on dopesheet or graph editor. And it was annoying.
And your right. He has very big chin. If you try to make little bit exaggerated lipsync like me, the chin acting like another body part. Might be scalable with contols.

Very nice work! Congratulations on your second place! Well deserved.

Animation looks awesome.
It would take me weeks to get them to move that good.

I can’t make any of the Models I created move like that. I need to do better… (v_v)

…I was wondering if it’s just me…
…honestly checking back to BA is sometimes like a kick in the nuts.
Every time I think I came up with something cool… someone else around here will proof me wrong.

edit: which is totally cool… since it makes me wanna look into things a bit deeper

Seriously good work I am totally jealous. I always enjoy watching the 11 second club eCritiques of the winners so I have a rough idea of how good the winners usually are for you to have come second is really commendable congrats on that. You have inspired me work harder at learning this art.

Great, GREAT animation! Sintel is 100% good.