150 frames~8 hour render?

Hello this is my first post. I’m new to blender and I’ve just finished a render that took 8 hours for 150 frames. The scene has wind and hair simulation physics. Is this normal for a rendering time? I’m rendering with Eevee on a medium quality output setting. My cpu is a i5-10600kf and gpu is gtx 1660 super. Is this normal for render times or is it mostly hardware related? And is there maybe something in settings I should do to get faster results?

No, this is not normal with Eevee and with not very large output resolution/size. What output resolution are you using?

It would be better if you give more details of the scene. Much better if you can share a .blend file.

Hi thanks for responding. Sorry I am too new and it won’t let me attach the .blend file. The resolution was 1920x1080. I suspect it had to do with the hair simulation which i tried baking the animation for, if thats even possible? The hair did not react as intended.

You can share up to 24MB of size .blend files here:

and then you share here the new link that it gives after uploading the file.

My file is too large. Probably partly explains the long render time

You remove heavy objects/materials from the scene and you save .blend file with a different name so you can share at least camera, world and lights settings in the scene.
Or you share the scene with google drive or dropbox.