16 materials limit at radiosity?

Hi all,

please forgive my noobness :slight_smile:

I’m using blender radiosity in a room. I have been modeling objects/adding/calculating radiosity over and over, and last time when adding meshes after calculating radiosity blender warned there was a max number of materials (16).

Does it means one can use radiosity only for scenes with less than 17 materials? I so, is there any workaround?

I ask because in my room I was planning to have much more than 16 objects (furniture), each UV mapped an thus with his own material.

Any help please?

Thanks :slight_smile:

i am assuming this is the method you are currently using:

To work around this, you can use theradiosity rendering (LINK)option instead of the radiosity baking function. Simply set up your scene as usual, go to render options, enable RADIO, and then render. This will do the radiosity calculations on the fly and hopefully won’t destroy your materials. You’ll also need to subdivide the models yourself to get a high quality result.

thanks for the answer.

my problem is I’m using radiosity to create lightmaps for my meshes (to be exported to OGRE rendering engine), therefore I can’t use the trick pointed :frowning:

If someone had encountered this problem and may know any solution please let me know it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: