1660 Ti ($350) vs 2060 Super ($550)

Hello all,
I plan to do full-body character sculpts with as many as a couple million verts, retopolization, then rendering of about 3600-4800 frame animations in EEVEE. I have a buddy who is willing to let me render on his 9900K with 2080 overnight.

The 1660 Ti (6GB VRAM) is $350 and the 2060 Super (8GB VRAM) is $550.

I’m upgrading from a 750 Ti (1GB VRAM), so I don’t really have a reference for how modern cards perform in Blender 2.8–especially for sculpting. I’ve got an Intel 9600K. I’ve got a small budget and $550 for the 2060 Super is more than I’d like to pay, but I’ll get it if the 1660 Ti will result in the same barrage of crashes I get with the 750 Ti.

Sorry if I’ve omitted any important details.


i switched from a 750ti to a 1660ti 6GO OC a few weeks ago, Linux with “almost fresh” nvidia drivers and a R5 2600.

Am almost a noob to sculping, just tested it a bit after reading that thread Pablo Dobarro's master plan for sculpting and his official sculpting branch
Which i hope you already know.

My test at 38 000 verts was super cool smooth and all.

With today blender fom buildbot, i just took that 38 000 verts mesh, applied a subd 2 and got a 900 000+ verts, it looks smooth to me with basic brush like drawing grab pinch.
1 Subd later, at 3.7 millions it’s totally unusable.

Applying subd ate my system ram (16 go) to 90%.

With a build a week far, a 900 000 verts mesh was also a terrible experience.
Improvements to sculpting mode are actually fast, but can’t tell much about any bottleneck along the road of sculpt mod usability.

So far, the 1660 was a good catch for other projects to benefit from eevee especially, like basic environments, 1 millions verts, with multiple basic instanced meshes collections re-instanced :radioactive:
300 000 verts vehicles,
basic animations
and all
are just perfect and smooth, a real joy to work with :slight_smile:

With all sculpting and overall performance improvements incoming it’s really a bless, but i can’t tell for your actual needs you will need some pros around.

Oh i forgot, NO MORE 750ti barrage. No.