[18+] In Search of Modeler for Arificial Academy Fan Project

Hey, everyone! My name is Deuces and I’ve been dabbling with game development in Flash and Unity for a little over 4 years. I was hoping to nab the interest of a fellow h-game enthusiast who possesses a skill set in modeling environments in blender. Illusion Software was once an innovative adult game production company; but as of late, their quality has come to a tragic and sharp decline. Their focus has turned to making products that are all flash and no substance. Relying on high poly models and VR gimmicks, they have managed to carve a niche with casual date sim users and I must be honest, I have been awaiting their next rendition of Artificial Girl or Artificial Academy.

The game I have planned will be short, sweet and simple ; but will have more focus on character customization/ behavior/ development and dynamic sexual encounters. I expect to have a schedule system where the player can choose to go to classes and level up, or play hooky to flirt with their desired partners.

That’s pretty much the pitch but I’d love to go more into detail with the artists should they choose to contact me. As this is a duplicate of a popular franchise, I couldn’t possibly promise compensation or Rev share in lieu of getting sued. I only ask that you have enthusiasm and I will reward you with an interesting game to play and add to your resume. I need someone to model a low poly academy for me. The school will be visible and rotated within Unity. The player will be able to click on various buildings to view their contents and explore. The game will be GUI driven save for encounters with players which will be drawn on the screen as render textures.

On a side note, I will eventually be paying for some base models that will be used in game, but would like to build the game foundations first. But if you’d be interested in making the characters, I’d be glad to discuss some ideas I already have (shape keys, rigging, costumes/outfits, animations).

I love ideas, but hate feature creep; so feel free to submit your ideas in this thread. You never know if it picks up steam I can start running polls.

Hope you like the idea and I look forward to working with you.

p.s. I understand this is a taboo topic and approve moderator relocating/ deletion if this is offensive or misplaced.

ALSO post is WIP and subject to updates/edits.