1890's Battleship

It’s not actually finnished. I have better water, and some great textures that make this ship really look great, but it just became such a resource hog that I had to put it to sleep until I get a new machine . (saving for parts, dual AMD64_dual_ core 6G ram)

So here it is…


One of these days I will finnish this…


After posting a few other places I just couldn’t help but critique myself here.

The biggest problem with this shot is not the lighting. You can have a shot from the shadow side of an object. It might even be preferable in some sun situations where the object would be washed out. It’s not the texturing. Although the windows and stantions should have stains on them (I actually did that and can’t render it).

The problem is it looks dead. No life.

I don’t think it need people walking around so much as it really need’s to have more of an in use kind of look to it.

A dirty skiff hanging off a davit on the side. A seemingly haphazard boarding ramp, and a few lines run askew as if people had actually been living there. Water stains up the hull in spots so that it looks like it has been moving. A wake to give it presence in the water…

Ya… I will finnish this one of these days… I really will.

Maybe you can send the blend to someone here with a really good rig (not me, I’m going to get a faster one, one of these days) so they can render it.

One last thing I have to say here… it will cost me about US $2000 for the setup I need. Maya is about $1200…

Blender ya gotta love it 8)

I realy like your pic. It’s a very nice modell you got there. I realy hope that you’ll finish it! The sky looks very flat… like the wall in Truman-show!

Wonderful work. Maybe the shooting towers reflects too clearly on the water.

The sky looks very flat… like the wall in Truman-show!

What?.. I live in that world :o

First off, the ship is a good start. And your water is incredible! Would you mind letting us in on your water shader settings?

I think one thing that would really add to the image would be foam and wake. Cog’s got some really nice tutorials on that up on his site. Also, have you tried playing with AO or GI rendering settings?

BTW, your light looks alright for sunlight. It even matches the clouds, I think.

Wow, That is one darn coincidence because I was thinking of doing a naval warship (but of WW2) as my next project. what are the odds of that :smiley:
The idea came while I was playing Navy Field (www.navyfield.com its free :D)

Your autocritique points out what I was going to say. The ship looks dead.
Here are my crits
*The flag look to straight. You dont have the sensation of wind on the high seas.
*The modeling is excellent but the materials dont look very realistic. ITs either too shiny (cannons) or too uniform (rest of ship). Maybe get some texture from pictures of battleships (WW2 would do since its the same basic design)

Deathguppie, the ship is actually very good. I would be happy with that.

However, if you’re going for realism, then sure you’re right more work on aged texturing would be good.

Also water would reflect on to the ship in real life, so the ship wouldn’t be so dark, especially at that time of day.

Apart from that your work is awesome! :smiley:

I have to say that the pic is great, specially the ship and water.
I also agree with all our friends about realism and reflections etc…
but I have to point out another problem: the absence of the trail behind and besides the ship.The other remark: the sky is good and the light matches very well with the clouds, but the only problem is the contact between sky and sea in the horizon.

It is small, but I think there are too many stars on the flag for 1890?

It looks like the same pattern of stars as the modern flag.

Looks good, though.

First of all there there should be a wake around the ship yes… however I have seen actuall movie footage of the ship taken with Edison film in 1900, and the shape of the ship leaves very little wake to be seen. Though there should be some.

Second, the flag believe it or not should be correct. I got it from a historical website though I did not count the stars myself.

I developed some different water


But it must be done in Yafray, due to blender not handeling the mirror/translucency/alpha + layers properly. The water in the picture shown was a first try and does not show properly at different angles or higher resolutions. The major problem with all of the water I have seen is that if you actually go to the ocean and look down into the shadows. The water is not blue. The blue is the reflection from the sky. So I recreated the water the way it should work.

I then attempted to redefine all of my materials using Yafray, without realizing that my 1.5G memory and 2G swap would not be enough to render this model using Yafray.

I can’t composite it because of the problems with the shadows being incorrect as I mentioned earlier.

So it will wait…