18th century warship

Hey everyone.

I’m about 2 days into a project and think starting a WIP thread would help drive me to finish it. Also some crit and feedback is always useful.

I’m going to make a still of a sailing ship on the open sea. For my subject I’ve chosen a 3rd rate 74-gun warship. Here is what I have so far:

the Stern

The Bow:

and a wire so you guys can get an idea of the polys

I’m in the middle of doing the sails and about to embark on the deadly task of rigging. (rigging is the intricate ropage that these things have). I have a rough idea of how the composition will be (i think) but no idea how I’ll go about doing the water. I hope you guys like it.

Leave your thoughts!

Your ship looks really good. You did all that in two days? You have been busy. The only thing I’m not too sure of is the size of the sails. Are they from the same refence as the rest of the ship? They just seem too small for some reason.

Looks good. Have you sculpted the decorations on the stern?

thanks for the comments guys. Hah yes admittedly I’ve been putting in some long days :). The sails are looking small probably because the bottom sails (which are the widest ones) are not yet on, which makes the whole sail rig look a little strange.

I have sculpted a few stern decorations. More to come. I’m a crap sculptor though unfortunately. I’m deciding what should be the bow decoration too. It needs a mermaid or some mythical creature i think.

How about the sphinx with breasts like in the movie “The Never Ending Story”?

why don’t you make the figure head a person with a bouquet of orchids as a face, since you made it, it’d be cool for it to represent you(or at least your screen name). Also, figureheads are not necessarily human, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:SS_Great_Britain_figurehead,_port_side.jpg so any symbol of war, like the generic lions and dragons or the unusual like the titans of greek myth could fit the bill. Then there are the generic beauties of figureheads like the daughter of neptune, mermaids, or the captain’s most beloved lady of his life and such. It is your model, so make your pick,I’m just spitting out some suggestions here.

That one looks dangerous. You don’t want to slip when walking on the bowsprit. :slight_smile:

wow. thats a really good job. How do you go about starting that? I’ve tried to start boats before, but they end up not working too well.

well I think the obvious place to start for me was the hull. The hull was indeed very difficult. I still didn’t nail the shape as nicely as i’d liked have to. The method I used for the hull was a poly by poly kind of thing rather than box modeling. Don’t be afraid to use tons of reference. I have like 10 pictures of 74-gun ships up when I’m working on this. I also did some studying about sailing ships of this nature to better understand the things I’m making.

Obviously the more detail you put the better they start to look. I just keep adding detail and try not to fudge on anything.

Currently I’m going to take a quick break from this to do the weekend challenge.

hey cool idea shadow fantasy. I know I’m definitely going to make this a ship of the sovereign nation of blender by sporting a flag with the blender insignia on it :).

The Suzanne and crossbones? :slight_smile:

(or should that be Jolly Suzanne?)

lol. That’s a cool idea too. I hate suzanne though. She’s probably the ugliest test model I’ve ever seen. I’d rather stick to the tea pot if I had the choice.

I was thinking the actual blender sign. The one that is in the icon of the program.


no blender flag!
much as i love blender, putting the blender logo on everything gives it a cheap/unrealistic feel
however, it’s fine to think of a subtle, more creative application
(as a seal near the figurehead maybe?)

well the flag isn’t gonna be some huge thing! it will be tiny at the top of the main mast. And I’m not going to leave the colors the same. I’m going to change the symbol to look more majestic/suitable for the scene. But I’d say it’s a fairly benign aspect in general. :eyebrowlift:

Hey everyone. After a short break of doing a still for the weekend challenge, I’m back to my ship. At this point I’m pretty much done with the model. I’m going to start texturing tonight. Perhaps a few details left in the model like a flag and such. I’m throwing around ideas of having two ships in battle for the still.

Please excuse the poor presentation here as it’s just the model.

Critique and comments very much appreciated.


Looks great - I started an 18th century warship myself a few months back, never finished it though but thanks to you I have the urge to finally do some work on it.

Cant wait to see it in colour :wink:

Your ship is looking great! Maybe the rope is a little bit too thick. At least it seams this way especially towards the top when compared to the masts. But then again I am not very familiar with ships.

wow, awesome job, lets see some textures

Very very nice. You are really doing a great job on this. The bottom picture looks a little off though, it looks like the sails are dragging on the deck. Also we can’t see what you chose for a figure head.

thanks for the kind words guys. I took modelars advice and made the ropes a little smaller (good call modelar).
I’ve been working hard on the textures. I have to admit I’m a little ashamed to show this because the sails look kinda bad. I plan on doing some normal map or displacement or something (they will look floppier I promise). Also I’d like people to keep in mind that this ship will be farther away in my actual composition, so any lack of detail will be hidden. I did not intend for the ship to be viewed this closely. Now that I have properly disclaimed my work, here is the latest update: