1909 plane engine

UPDATE: First render is now 800 samples + filter glossy. Still not perfect. I will also post a 800 samples version of the second render with a different lighting setup in the comments.

Here’s my last little project:

The Seguin plane engine (1909). Saw a picture of it in a book and I made it the most accurate possible. However, I textured it in a modern way.
This engine has cylinders which rotate with the propeller to cool them better.

Quite high poly overall.
Rendered with cycles, 300 samples (should have made it 600).

I tried to animate it but I really can’t figure out how it works.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it and feel free to feedback!

this is amazing! the 300 samples does not make justice to the awesome work! give it a try with 700 or maybe 800!

Looks amazing! But what do you mean that the cylinders rotate with the propeller? Is it not a normal radial engine? And how is that even possible?
Can I also ask what the lighting setup is?

thank you! I’ll try and give it a best render and update it

well Impreza, it also seemed odd to me, but apparently the engine rotates around itself, so that the cylinders are air cooled. The book itself didn’t give much info, but I just checked online and it seems to be right! As for the how… I have no clue at all!
This PDF seems to explain it, but it’s in french: http://www.hydroretro.net/etudegh/moteursdelegende_gnomeomega.pdf
Oh and the lighting is just two sun lamps, and a sphere around the scene with random faces deleted, with an emission of 1, only visible to glossy

Beautiful job of modeling and rendering.

Here’s an example of a rotary engine that rotates with the prop…
(skip ahead to 5:15)

Steve S

And thanks for the link, quite a thing to see it work, especially when you think this was invented more than a century ago!

Very nice - the materials look spot on.

Woah…Detail!!! :smiley:

Swmo, thanks! Materials are pretty simple here, but I’m glad it does the trick :slight_smile:
Also thank you bonrw1 :slight_smile:

Here’s a 800 samples version of the second render. Lighting setup is different, a little less good in my opinion.

Also Dimebag you were right, 800 samples is a minimum, at least with that render setup, which could use some improvements for sure.