1957 Bel Air

Hi there,
I am at the stage where I undertake the Holy Grail of CG–
A car, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, around 1.5 hours of modeling at the moment, and I am knocking off for the night.
TTFN–Ta Ta For Now…

Looking good. I love the old 57 chevys.

Awesome. Its nice to see your modeling a car, we can switch places on this thread lol. I’ll be watching for updates :slight_smile: Looking good. And you know we need those wires :stuck_out_tongue:

And you know we need those wires :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, but I was too ashamed to show them before.
I have reworked the topology now. :slight_smile:

rendertime 20 min. on a 2.2 ghz dual core (need to optimize the lighting…)
and of course the all-important wires–

I will be watching this like a hawk on account that this is my fav old school car. I was aimming to model it this year but I don’t know if I will. I hope you do it justice though you are off to a good start.

p.s which rendering engine are you using 20 minutes at this stage of the game is far too slow, I shudder to think what you render times will look like once you add things like the wheels,and grills (70% of car polys end up there)

it’s blender internal, 2.5.
it’s so slow because the light setup is inefficient, and the material uses 32-sample blurry reflections, twice over. (for the two different layers of the car paint)

I hope you do it justice

I hope so too, it’s a cool car. :slight_smile:

wires-- http://pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=3025

looking great so far

Neat shader so far and good work. Looks like the area where the B or C pillar (forget which one in a coupe, back window area) connect the roof and body could be a pinch.

Could try to hit the smooth button a few times and porptionally edit the verts back to the specific location, might help, but if the reflections are good then leave it :slight_smile:

Look forward to your progress, your mesh is nice and low poly and that will help out later I’m sure :wink: just make sure you leave enough cut loops for finer detail in the future of the model. :yes:

could be a pinch.
What do you mean? Are you saying the topology is wrong, or that it’s just in the wrong shape?

just spent a few minutes finding more reference images, and it looks like I will be reworking that anyway… :no:

Looks like it’s gonna be hot :D!

feels like I’m moving backwards, but it is closer to how it should be now.

you’ve got some really clean wires there

there are actually some poles on creases, which I need to eliminate soon.
topology is fun :smiley:

Keep it up tug! Just letting you know I checked it out, nice start man.

Yea that looks great. I think keeping the top and bottom seperate as you looks better, compared to the refs It appears they are seperate too. But those are some super clean wires, Almost nearing the details part of modeling!

Good work! Looking forward for the next test render, lets see that smooth surface!

well, I am learning, what can I say?
I learned that blender 2.5.2 will now delete materials that are not in use.
I learned that I will have to rethink a few areas.
can’t post a render at the moment, but I will in the morning.

had to redo the material, obviously it needs some tweaking.

those metal flecks are too big, you might want to make them a bit smaller, from that distance that the car is shot from you really shouldn’t be able to see the flecks