1963 Chevrolet Impala (Feedback wanted)

Recently I have started to work on a 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS. I have finished the majority of the bodywork and some of the trim, I still need to complete the trim and then move onto an interior. I have a couple of screenshots from the viewport and a render to show you.

I will be away from a computer with blender next week so I can’t work on it then or do clay or wireframe shots however I am open to suggestions to improve the model.
Thanks for viewing, Zac.


A quick render from the rear showing off an updated shader set-up, the material now includes a simple metallic flake

Today I baked out a normal map using a high poly model, it has really helped in making the body lines look sharp like they should be

Started work on the grille today

I also tried to get an engraved look on the wheels

I’d love some feedback on my progress so far.

Small update, I’ve started work on the headlights and in the mean time also worked out how to properly cast shadows onto my HDRi image (The scale of the car is a bit small but the concept is still there)

Slowly but surely I’m getting there. Now I have added the headlight bezels as well as changing the chrome grill surround to match how it looks it real life

Next I just have to finish the bits of trim and the headlights and I’ll be done with the exterior

Quick update. Finished the headlight and grill, now to move onto the trim

Messing around a bit with possible image composition

Reworked the side trim

Finished off all of the side trim by adding the impala badge to the rear fender

Any constructive criticism and feedback is appreciated.

Started to work on the frame of the car
Once again feedback would be great

Wow, over 1000 views and no replies, oh well, progress is still being made

Working on the engine bay

Undercarriage Details

Lifted hydraulic suspension

From paper to pixels, playing around with liveries

Great work so far. Can we see some wires too?

Thanks mate, especially coming from someone who can model cars as good as your Jag, here are some wires

These wireframes are with no sub surf however the renders are at a sub surf level of 3

Added a roof design to the livery as well as aligning the livery on the side better. Now I just have to add the bonnet and boot livery’s

Nice one! I never thought you were supposed to model the suspension of the car… I’ve gotta job going now modelling 50 cars, and oh boy… I got a LOT to learn… Very picky customer as well…