1965 Yokel Supertruck

I am making a car for a game called a Yokel Supertruck.
I am completely new to blender so I’m not very good but this is what I have please give some crits Cause I want to make it as good as I can.


Looks okay, but I think it’s a little bit out of proportion, like the whole front of the car is a bit small, especially the front wheel. (Unless you’re going for a cartoony kind of look, in which case you’re doing fine, ignore this entire post…)

What most modellers of things like cars to is start with a reference pic, put that in the background and trace from it, then you know you’re getting the shape right.

You can either draw your own ref pics, scan them in and use them - it still seems easier to get something looking right on paper first than straight into blender - or you can use blueprints or photos of real cars.

Here’s a website where you can get blueprints and photo references: http://www.3dfinlay.net/g2info/gallery2/main.php

And here’s a tutorial on simple car modelling using subsurfacing: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/speedtiti/tutoriels.htm

Apologies if you already know this stuff, just trying to help.

To make your life much easier, I would suggest using the Mirror Modifier in 2.40. That way you only need to build half of the truck. If your not using 2.40 the you should go download it right now off the blender site.

You can already do that with Alt-D in Object mode.

I have restarted and I’m going to rename it something Un-HillBillyish and just have a normal truck

So here is the new version with a reference pic this time. It is not a very good one but is still very helpful. I am trying to keep it Low-Poly because it is for a game. I’m not sure if the hood should be longer


Did some work on it Crits Please almost all modeling is finished I think.
It looks 500 times better now than it did in my first attempt


Can someone give me some Crits Please I am begging you. :frowning:
Give me some CRITS! :<